Food Packing

Farm to Table Program


Our Farm to Table Program promotes availability and accessibility to fresh fruit, vegetables,

products from local farmers, and health product distributors to communities with limited food access and public health promotion.

  • Curbside Pick Up & Delivery from Store

  • Product Promotion (Health Vendors) (Health Boxes, Baskets, & Crates)

  • Smoothies, Juices, Fruit Bowls, Parfait, Coffee, Protein Waffles, Plant-Based Flatbread

  • Sandwiches, Products & Farmers Produce will be sold in store.

Healthy Eating

Healthy Community Program


Our health promotion program offers an expanding array of educational, eventful experiences and opportunities for the community. We focus on food promotion, public health education, and creating a memorable experience through health, food, and fitness engagement.


We partner with existing businesses, corporations, organizations, community entities and use research to drive innovation and impact scale. Our approach relies on collaborative activities, programs, and events. Recognizing that we cannot do this alone is what drives our desire to build coalitions, share knowledge, and create health promotion across institutions, systems, and communities.

Casual Meeting

Meeting-Event Reservation Program


On Sundays, we open our space to community organizations, businesses, and groups to host meetings in our bar. Options include catered food options from our store.

We also offer a variety of catered lifestyle themed events. Our events provide great overall health promotion, management, and service. The event is based on whatever is

the ideal theme for the client.


Our focus is to create an experience our clients will value and can utilize for their overall well-being. We cross-promote the client’s lifestyle needs with food options to match the theme of the event. It makes developing and

implementing a food, fitness, and health event convenient for your entity or group. We

do the work for you; just enjoy your customized event!

Blueberry Smoothie

Rewards & Points Program

  • Free 12oz Birthday Smoothies with a purchase over $5.00

  • Community Night $5 Smoothies 12oz

  • $4 = 1pt ;) earn in-store or online with pick-up and delivery

  • Organization percentage nights. 5% of referral purchases go back to the host organization.

  • 12 oz Happy Hour Monday-Thursday 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm $5

  • Participation in our Access healthy community program activities and events earn 1pt to 2 pts maximum.

  • Complimentary smoothie for all customers with 15pt min to qualify.

  • Weekly Smoothie Program 4 Smoothies 4 Days for $24 (Energizer, Protein, Burn, Plant-Based).